St. Louis Pizza

On this website you'll find information on the very unique St. Louis style pizza, which is a type of local pizza made on a thin crust with sweet sauce, topped with provel cheese. (Provel cheese is a mixture of provolone, swiss, and white cheddar. Some places add colby).

The best pizza places in St. Louis are also featured here.

St. Louis Style Pizza

What is St. Louis style pizza? A description of the pizza that helps make the town famous. Did you enjoy it as a kid, but you moved out of town and still go back for more?

Provel Cheese

One of the ingredients that makes St. Louis style pizza so disctinct is the cheese blend that's used: Provel. Provel is a blend of provolone, white cheddar, and swiss. Learn more about it (including where to buy it) by clicking here.

The Hill

One of the most famous Italian-American neighborhoods in the country, the Hill in St. Louis is well-known for its Italian restaurants and grocery stores. Some of the best pizza and Italian food to be found is on the Hill.

Best Pizza in St. Louis

A ranking of the best pizza places in St. Louis. Includes everything from casual to fine dining and gourmet.

St. Louis Style Pizza Recipes

Too far away from St. Louis to experience its unique pizza style? These recipes will help you get through until your next visit.

Origins of St. Louis Style Pizza

Where did the St. Louis style come from, and what gave it its unique characteristics? Thin crust, sweet sauce, provel cheese ... the origins are explained here.

Other Styles of Pizza in St. Louis

Even though St. Louis is famous for its own style of pizza, there are many other types and establishments to be found.

St. Louis Style Pizza in Other Parts of the Country

Even though Missouri is essentially the only place to find this one-of-a-kind pizza style, there are places around the country that have the St. Louis style pizza. Though they are few and far between, some of the notable ones are listed here.